5 Violent Video Games That Your Kids Shouldn’t Be Playing


Since their inception, video games have been one of the most popular forms of media entertainment among kids and teenagers.

While there are a lot of games  that strive to be kid friendly; like Mario and Pokemon, there are more than a few video game titles that are rated Mature, by the ESRB, for a reason.

Even though this rating system is in place, may parents still remain oblivious to the inappropriate content of the video games that their kids are playing.

Here are our picks for 5 video games (and video game series) that have earned their Mature rating, and your kids shouldn’t be playing.


Why is it rated Mature?: Strong sexual content, blood and gore, nudity, intense violence, use of drugs and alcohol, mature humor.

The Grand Theft Auto series has been the center of numerous controversies for well over a decade now – and for good reasons. Players have the ability (and are often encouraged) to violently steal vehicles, kill civilians and take their money, and cause widespread mayhem and destruction.

The latest game in the series, GTA V, has probably one of the most controversial video game missions; where the player has full control over an incredibly graphic and violent torture scene.

With this game out now for next gen consoles and PC, parents need to be aware that this Mature rating is more than warranted.