WTF! Did They Really Get Married? 15 Hideous Celebrity Spouses


Walking arm in arm with a Hollywood star certainly has it perks but it also makes you fearful of bad publicity. Most celebrities thrive on self-appeal. They’re not ordinary, but rather mesmerizing humans with charming masculinity and femininity we all hope to have. It’s only natural to assume that their spouses are equally pleasing to the eye. However, these 15 celebrities choose to defy Hollywood’s logic by marrying people with very different appeal.


Hugh Jackman certainly surpasses the looks of his wife, Debora-Lee Furness, but it’s hard to deny the charm that they have as a couple. While Hugh might be the perfect visual depiction of Wolverine, Deborra-Lee is definitely the “rock” of the relationship. Ask Hugh and he’ll tell you and in our opinion, that means she’s worthy of any camera especially when they’re posing with their adorable kids.