Is Kylo Ren Luke Skywalker? 6 Things That Support This Theory

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What’s with the mask Kylo? The very first time we heard Kylo talk was a bit strange yet oddly familiar. An evil guy in a Star Wars movie that dresses in full black, has a mask, and speaks in a voice that is obviously modulated – sounds familiar.

Yep, Kylo is obviously channeling Darth Vader in the way he presents himself. However, only tow people ever really knew that the mask was actually changing how Vader’s voice sounded (apart from the respirator noise). Who are those two people? Luke and the Emperor.

Only one of those people is still alive and it isn’t the Emperor. His attire is obviously an homage to Darth Vader but why use a voice changer, why not the respirator sound that everyone knows about. It would make sense for Luke to change his voice He would have to hide his identity, both from the people who know him and also from us the viewers.