8 Celebrity Couples With Large Age Gaps

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Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

Alright, lets get the most extreme couple out of the way first. Most of you probably knew that good ol’ Hugh would be on this list but did you know that Hugh was 60 years older that Crystal Harris when they got married! He was 86 and she was 26. Yikes! She’s more than 30 years younger than his two oldest children and only a few years older than his two youngest ones… talk about awkward.

34 Pictures Showing Kylie Jenner’s Transformation Over The Years


Kylie Jenner may be the youngest member of the Kardashian family but the young realty star has proven that she has what it takes to take up Kim’s mantle with her ever-changing beauty. Despite the fact that she only recently turned 18, Kylie has been surrounded by a lot of controversy. From talks of her lip and booty enhancement to her shocking relationship with rapper Tyga from the age of 17.



WTF! Did They Really Get Married? 15 Hideous Celebrity Spouses


Walking arm in arm with a Hollywood star certainly has it perks but it also makes you fearful of bad publicity. Most celebrities thrive on self-appeal. They’re not ordinary, but rather mesmerizing humans with charming masculinity and femininity we all hope to have. It’s only natural to assume that their spouses are equally pleasing to the eye. However, these 15 celebrities choose to defy Hollywood’s logic by marrying people with very different appeal.


Hugh Jackman certainly surpasses the looks of his wife, Debora-Lee Furness, but it’s hard to deny the charm that they have as a couple. While Hugh might be the perfect visual depiction of Wolverine, Deborra-Lee is definitely the “rock” of the relationship. Ask Hugh and he’ll tell you and in our opinion, that means she’s worthy of any camera especially when they’re posing with their adorable kids.

15 Celebrities Who Must Have Some Age Defying Secrets

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It’s no secret that celebrities tend to age a lot slower than us ordinary folks. It seems like they’ve discovered some age defying secrets that come along with their luxurious lifestyle. Amid speculations of genetic superiority, here are 15 celebrities who have proven that age is just a number.

jennifer aniston hair:

Jennifer Aniston

Watching her flaunt her beauty on reruns of NBC hit comedy, Friends, it’s hard to believe that it’s been 11 years since the show ended. Jennifer has not aged one bit. We like to think Jay Z’s “Forever Young” was dedicated to her.