20 Celebrities Who Have Committed Crimes


Celebrities. They’re just like us only richer!

Every human is bound to have some mishaps in their lives at some point and celebrities are no different. What differentiates us from them is the fact that they have the money to make most of their problems vanish. From illegal drug distribution and terrifying assaults, to DUIs and even attempted murder; it’s hard to believe or even remember that some of our favorite stars have been behind bars.

While most have managed to hide away their skeletons in their closets, others will always be at the end of hateful public scrutiny – living though the cold transition from famous to infamous. On this list we’re revealing the skeletons of 20 celebrities.

Mark Wahlberg

Doesn’t look like he could hurt a fly, does he? Well, the Boston police have over 20 reports involving this handsome fella.

Back in 1986 Mark Wahlberg went by the title Marky Mark, a clichéd bad boy from Boston. He was charge for attempted murder at 16 years old after attacking a Vietnamese man with a piece of wood and went on the very same day to attack another man from Vietnam leaving him permanently blind in one eye. For these two crimes he was sentenced to two years in prison but was released after spending only 45 days in Boston’s Deer Island House of Correction.

Mark had a number of other charges filed against him prior to his first conviction. At age 15 he had been assaulting African-American students and had charges filed against him. We can all agree that Mark has changed his bad boys ways (or so we hope) and is now one of the best action stars in Hollywood today.

15 Pics Of Taylor Swift Throughout The Years

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Curious as to what Taylor Swift looked like before all the glam and glitter? Well we’re going to walk you through Taylor’s transition from sweet country girl into one of the biggest pop stars of modern music.


She may look like the average elementary schooler but Taylor was already on her way to stardom, writing her own lyrics and singing at local festivals in rural Pennsylvania.  What’s impressive is her great fashion sense from such an early age. In this picture she’s dressed in a mock zip-up turtleneck which was undoubtedly a hit fashion of the 90s.

Celebrity Doppelgangers: 15 Male And Female Celebrities That Look Strangely Alike

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Previously we brought you a list of celebrities from the same gender with uncanny facial similarities; however, as it turns out things can get even weirder in the land of the rich and famous. Below are 15 male and female celebrities who look so much alike they’ll have you wondering if they share the same DNA. They’re different ages and from varied nationalities, yet it’s hard to miss their striking resemblance.

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

Justin crossed with Miley Cyrus, hard to see the difference right? You either hate them or you wish you were one of them. If you look deeper, you’ll realize that they don’t just look alike, but they also act the same too. Miley came swinging in on a wrecking ball and by the looks of things, Justin is going out in the same manner.

16 Celebrities With Hot Siblings

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Celebrities are some of the best looking people and since good looks tend to run in the family, it’s no surprise that some of them have siblings that are equally stunning. From James Franco’s gorgeous brother to Paris Hilton’s hot sister, you’ll find that a few celebs have siblings that are probably even more attractive than they are.

While your dream might be to bag James Franco brother in order to have a stunning boyfriend and a celebrity brother in law, chances are that may never happen. So to compensate here are some other options that you may want to consider.


Sorry Kim Kardashian! Your younger sisters take the spot on this list. Kylie and Kendall Jenner are undoubtedly two of the hottest celebrity siblings in Hollywood today. Whether its Kylie’s cleavage-baring Instagram posts or Kendall’s revealing dresses, we can all agree that these girls are very attractive.

Top 13 Almost-Naked Celebrity Dresses

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Maintaining a flawless body means you’ve earned your bragging rights and these celebrities are never shy to flaunt their assets in the sexiest dresses on the red carpet.  Rihanna broke the internet when she debuted at the CFDA Awards in 2014 in a sheer dress that left many people asking: “Why isn’t she wearing a bra?”

Rihanna is not the only one. Celebrities have long been conquering the red carpet, showing off their great bodies, from Toni Braxton to Miley Cyrus. Without a doubt we all anticipate seeing these ladies’ skimpy gowns whenever an award show draws near. Here are some of the most confident ladies who stunned the red carpet with their beauty:


16 Famous People with Black Partners


Wait… Let’s back up. Its 2015 right? So why is it still usual to see interracial couples? Celebrities especially have had to deal with public scrutiny for marring outside of their race. We hate to state the obvious but Beyoncé and Jay Z or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not the only beautiful couples in Hollywood. Here are 16 celebrities who have proven that love is not defined by the color of your skin.


Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez first met in South Africa while filming Dark Tide. The two got married back in 2012 and welcomed their adorable baby boy Maceo a year later. There have been a lot of rumors of the couples separation but Halle continues to say she’s “blessed” to be with her handsome French husband. After her failed marriages, we certainly hope she is.

WTF! Did They Really Get Married? 15 Hideous Celebrity Spouses


Walking arm in arm with a Hollywood star certainly has it perks but it also makes you fearful of bad publicity. Most celebrities thrive on self-appeal. They’re not ordinary, but rather mesmerizing humans with charming masculinity and femininity we all hope to have. It’s only natural to assume that their spouses are equally pleasing to the eye. However, these 15 celebrities choose to defy Hollywood’s logic by marrying people with very different appeal.


Hugh Jackman certainly surpasses the looks of his wife, Debora-Lee Furness, but it’s hard to deny the charm that they have as a couple. While Hugh might be the perfect visual depiction of Wolverine, Deborra-Lee is definitely the “rock” of the relationship. Ask Hugh and he’ll tell you and in our opinion, that means she’s worthy of any camera especially when they’re posing with their adorable kids.

Top 10 Sexiest Sport Divas

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You can keep your pop stars and actresses, when it comes to physical perfection no other set of women come close to female athletes.

These girls all have the superb combination of a beautiful face, a perfectly toned body, and most importantly – talent. Here’s our pick for the top 10 sexiest sports divas… hope we didn’t miss anyone.

Allison Stokke

A unique mix of brains and brawn, Allison is not only an extremely talented pole vaulter, she also received her Master’s degree from Cal Berkeley. When she was 15 she won the California state championship and broke multiple national records in her age group. The 26 year old athlete is still training and participating on a national level.

15 Celebrities And Their Celebrity Lookalikes

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No these celebrities aren’t siblings… they even aren’t related. By some freaky coincidence these celebrities just happen to have other celebs who look a lot like them.

Long lost twins, or maybe just random occurrences? Whatever the case may be, these celebrities can just look at each other instead of looking in a mirror.


Zooey Deschanel & Katy Perry