10 Most Shocking Celebrity Makeovers

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From undergoing extreme plastic surgery and body enhancement to hiring expensive stylists and designers, some celebrities just seem to change overnight into completely different people. It’s the power of their enormous wealth and influence, some change for the better while others tend to go down the wrong path. Here are the top ten celebrities who have had shocking makeovers.

Miley Cyrus

From a lovable Disney star to an eccentric vixen. That about sums up the dramatic transformation of Miley Cyrus. She literally went from dressing like a Barbie doll to wearing hardly anything on stage, and she adapted one of the most perplexing habits – sticking her tongue out.

“What Is Bad Plastic Surgery?” – 16 Celebrities Help Us Answer This Question


These 16 celebs prove that you can have too much of a good thing – if you consider plastic surgery to be ‘a good thing’. Guess when you have money to burn and an image to maintain you can make pretty debatable decisions (or not so pretty in these cases!). With all the work these beloved celebrities have had done, we really hope you are able to recognize some of these guys.

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Heidi Montag

Once a stand-out drop-dead gorgeous beauty, Heidi must have wanted to fit in more with the crowd. How else could you possibly explain her decision to change her looks through plastic surgery? Chin reduction, a nose job and fat injection in her lips are just the beginning. At least now she fits right in with all the other ‘frozen faces’ that now populate Hollywood.