Top 10 Sexiest Sport Divas

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You can keep your pop stars and actresses, when it comes to physical perfection no other set of women come close to female athletes.

These girls all have the superb combination of a beautiful face, a perfectly toned body, and most importantly – talent. Here’s our pick for the top 10 sexiest sports divas… hope we didn’t miss anyone.

Allison Stokke

A unique mix of brains and brawn, Allison is not only an extremely talented pole vaulter, she also received her Master’s degree from Cal Berkeley. When she was 15 she won the California state championship and broke multiple national records in her age group. The 26 year old athlete is still training and participating on a national level.

13 Celebrity Swimsuits That Will Leave You Saying WTF

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Celebrities love being the center of attention and that’s why so many of them love to strut their stuff in sexy bikinis. However, every once in a while we get a glimpse of some celebrities at the beach and all we can say about what they’re wearing is “WTF?”.

Here are 13 celebrities and their beachwear that may leave you saying exactly that.



No that’s not your grandma – its just Kesha. Someone should have just stayed at home, or bought a mirror… or even just have friends that kept her from wearing stupid things.

18 Celebs Who Can Thank Cosmetic Dentistry For Their Smiles

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It seems like if you want to be a star in Hollywood then everything about you has to be perfect – all the time. That definitely goes for all the body parts, including perfect teeth that give you a swoon-worthy smile. We present to you some celebrities who have chosen cosmetic dentistry (from a single cap to a mouthful of veneers) to help them get and keep their share of the Hollywood pie.

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In 1984 Cage took a big step, he pulled two teeth for his part in the movie “Birdy” – talk about dedication to the task. As main roles came his way, he decided to go full hog with a new natural smile complements of a complete set of veneers.  We guess the makeover for his scruffy-looking teeth was a good decision and may have played some (small) part in his winning an Oscar for “Leaving Las Vegas”.  

15 Celebrities Who Must Have Some Age Defying Secrets

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It’s no secret that celebrities tend to age a lot slower than us ordinary folks. It seems like they’ve discovered some age defying secrets that come along with their luxurious lifestyle. Amid speculations of genetic superiority, here are 15 celebrities who have proven that age is just a number.

jennifer aniston hair:

Jennifer Aniston

Watching her flaunt her beauty on reruns of NBC hit comedy, Friends, it’s hard to believe that it’s been 11 years since the show ended. Jennifer has not aged one bit. We like to think Jay Z’s “Forever Young” was dedicated to her.

Oops! 21 Risqué Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

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We’re always watching celebrities. Whether they’re strutting their stuff on the runway, performing on stage, attending an award show, or simply out having fun (like Kate Upton here who is unintentionally showing off a little too much butt) – celebrities are always squeezing into tight dresses or flamboyant outfits. We love to see them at their best and we absolutely love to see them when they slip up (nip slips or otherwise). Here are 20 more nip slips and other wardrobe malfunctions that these celebrities simply couldn’t avoid.

26 Sexy Seductresses Sharing Their Sexy Selfies


These sexy girls love taking provocative selfies in the most interesting ways possible. As they pose for the camera they give you a glimpse into the personal and private parts of their lives where you wish you could be. Whether they’re in the bedroom or bathroom, or wearing a bikini or their underwear; these babes aren’t afraid to let the world see their busty boobs and their intimate curves.

21 Girls Who Aren’t Afraid To Get A Little Sand On Their Butts


Beaches, babes, and butts. There’s just something beautiful about these three things – especially when they’re all together at once. We all love girls who aren’t afraid to show off some skin in tiny butt-hugging bikinis while playing in the sand and getting their butts a bit dirty. Don’t worry, we’re always ready to slap it off for you.