18 Celebs Who Can Thank Cosmetic Dentistry For Their Smiles

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It seems like if you want to be a star in Hollywood then everything about you has to be perfect – all the time. That definitely goes for all the body parts, including perfect teeth that give you a swoon-worthy smile. We present to you some celebrities who have chosen cosmetic dentistry (from a single cap to a mouthful of veneers) to help them get and keep their share of the Hollywood pie.

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In 1984 Cage took a big step, he pulled two teeth for his part in the movie “Birdy” – talk about dedication to the task. As main roles came his way, he decided to go full hog with a new natural smile complements of a complete set of veneers.  We guess the makeover for his scruffy-looking teeth was a good decision and may have played some (small) part in his winning an Oscar for “Leaving Las Vegas”.