18 Times Kate Middleton Showed Us More Than She Should Have

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Kate Middleton is living every young girls dream – life as a princess. Kate has been praised for her excellent fashion sense, elegance, and forwardness, ever since she was seen on the arm of Prince William. However the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t always perfect in front of the camera. With thousands of photographers around her it’s only natural that some photos give us more to look at than others.

Here are 20 times that Kate Middleton showed us more than she should have:

In this picture, the now Duchess is showering herself on a yacht in a white swimsuit that vaguely reveals what her bikini top is covering. Okay, sure she was just a “commoner” like the rest of us at this point, but that doesn’t change the fact that this image gives us a lot more than we’ve seen from previous duchesses.

13 Celebrity Swimsuits That Will Leave You Saying WTF

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Celebrities love being the center of attention and that’s why so many of them love to strut their stuff in sexy bikinis. However, every once in a while we get a glimpse of some celebrities at the beach and all we can say about what they’re wearing is “WTF?”.

Here are 13 celebrities and their beachwear that may leave you saying exactly that.



No that’s not your grandma – its just Kesha. Someone should have just stayed at home, or bought a mirror… or even just have friends that kept her from wearing stupid things.

Oops! 21 Risqué Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

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We’re always watching celebrities. Whether they’re strutting their stuff on the runway, performing on stage, attending an award show, or simply out having fun (like Kate Upton here who is unintentionally showing off a little too much butt) – celebrities are always squeezing into tight dresses or flamboyant outfits. We love to see them at their best and we absolutely love to see them when they slip up (nip slips or otherwise). Here are 20 more nip slips and other wardrobe malfunctions that these celebrities simply couldn’t avoid.