Celebrity Doppelgangers: 15 Male And Female Celebrities That Look Strangely Alike

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Previously we brought you a list of celebrities from the same gender with uncanny facial similarities; however, as it turns out things can get even weirder in the land of the rich and famous. Below are 15 male and female celebrities who look so much alike they’ll have you wondering if they share the same DNA. They’re different ages and from varied nationalities, yet it’s hard to miss their striking resemblance.

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

Justin crossed with Miley Cyrus, hard to see the difference right? You either hate them or you wish you were one of them. If you look deeper, you’ll realize that they don’t just look alike, but they also act the same too. Miley came swinging in on a wrecking ball and by the looks of things, Justin is going out in the same manner.