13 Celebrity Swimsuits That Will Leave You Saying WTF

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Celebrities love being the center of attention and that’s why so many of them love to strut their stuff in sexy bikinis. However, every once in a while we get a glimpse of some celebrities at the beach and all we can say about what they’re wearing is “WTF?”.

Here are 13 celebrities and their beachwear that may leave you saying exactly that.



No that’s not your grandma – its just Kesha. Someone should have just stayed at home, or bought a mirror… or even just have friends that kept herĀ from wearing stupid things.

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Beaches, babes, and butts. There’s just something beautiful about these three things – especially when they’re all together at once. We all love girls who aren’t afraid to show off some skin in tiny butt-hugging bikinis while playing in the sand and getting their butts a bit dirty. Don’t worry, we’re always ready to slap it off for you.