20 Celebrities Who Have Committed Crimes


Tim Allen

Who would have though one of our favorite movie stars had a dark past? In 1978 the face behind our favorite Santa Claus beard was arrested for illegally distributing a large amount of drugs to a police that was undercover. Shocker!

He was then arrested with 650 grams of cocaine at the Battle Creek International Airport to which he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking. Tim made a deal with the authorities and received a mere three year sentence after revealing the names of other drug dealers. Great choice, considering he would have received a life sentence. Can you imagine Christmas without The Santa Clause?

Tim paroled in 1981 after two years and four months in jail and while he has not been caught with drugs since then, he had his fair share of run in with the authorities because of alcohol. In 1997 he was booked for a DUI in Michigan and receive a one-year probation.

It’s hard to believe that our favorite sitcom star and comedian is a felon and alcohol abuser. Talk about ruining your childhood dreams.