20 Celebrities Who Have Committed Crimes


Celebrities. They’re just like us only richer!

Every human is bound to have some mishaps in their lives at some point and celebrities are no different. What differentiates us from them is the fact that they have the money to make most of their problems vanish. From illegal drug distribution and terrifying assaults, to DUIs and even attempted murder; it’s hard to believe or even remember that some of our favorite stars have been behind bars.

While most have managed to hide away their skeletons in their closets, others will always be at the end of hateful public scrutiny – living though the cold transition from famous to infamous. On this list we’re revealing the skeletons of 20 celebrities.

Mark Wahlberg

Doesn’t look like he could hurt a fly, does he? Well, the Boston police have over 20 reports involving this handsome fella.

Back in 1986 Mark Wahlberg went by the title Marky Mark, a clichéd bad boy from Boston. He was charge for attempted murder at 16 years old after attacking a Vietnamese man with a piece of wood and went on the very same day to attack another man from Vietnam leaving him permanently blind in one eye. For these two crimes he was sentenced to two years in prison but was released after spending only 45 days in Boston’s Deer Island House of Correction.

Mark had a number of other charges filed against him prior to his first conviction. At age 15 he had been assaulting African-American students and had charges filed against him. We can all agree that Mark has changed his bad boys ways (or so we hope) and is now one of the best action stars in Hollywood today.