11 Celebrities Who You Didn’t Know Were Vegetarians

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Vegetarians and vegans. Similar healthy lifestyles that open up a world of healthy benefits. What you may not have known is that more than few of your favorite celebrities are actually taking advantage of these benefits. Here are 11 celebrities who you probably never knew were vegetarians/vegans.

Jessica Chastain

In Jessica’s case it looks like being addicted to healthy eating runs in the family. Jessica has been a vegan for over 15 years and her mom (who also happens to be a vegan) runs vegan restaurants!

Is Kylo Ren Luke Skywalker? 6 Things That Support This Theory

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By now everyone should know about the new Star wars movie that is set to be released this December. However, as far as the characters and the story go, we actually don’t know that much. Sure we’ve seen trailers and other promotional media but these don’t  really tell us a lot. J.J. Abrams and Disney seem to be more keen to shed light on the heroes of the story rather than the new villain – Kylo Ren.

A mysterious black figure, with a cool looking lightsaber, is not really a lot to go on. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from coming up with their own theories about this villains true identity.

Kylo Ren is Luke Skywalker. Are we crazy? Maybe – but just hear us out before you decide for yourself.


This has to be mentioned first because of how obvious it is. Kylo Ren and Luke have never been seen together – ever. We’re not just talking about official trailers; Kylo and Luke haven’t been seen together on virtually any piece of promotional material.

It has already been confirmed that Luke is going to be in the movie – he was talking in the very first full-length trailer and we’re almost sure that he was the one putting a hand on R2D2.

What adds even more merit to this Kylo-Luke theory is that Luke is the only main character that is not featured on the movie’s poster. That’s odd. So why hide Luke if his identity won’t be a major plot point in the movie? Kylo is on the poster… so maybe Luke really is there, in some form.

34 Pictures Showing Kylie Jenner’s Transformation Over The Years


Kylie Jenner may be the youngest member of the Kardashian family but the young realty star has proven that she has what it takes to take up Kim’s mantle with her ever-changing beauty. Despite the fact that she only recently turned 18, Kylie has been surrounded by a lot of controversy. From talks of her lip and booty enhancement to her shocking relationship with rapper Tyga from the age of 17.



10 Most Shocking Celebrity Makeovers

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From undergoing extreme plastic surgery and body enhancement to hiring expensive stylists and designers, some celebrities just seem to change overnight into completely different people. It’s the power of their enormous wealth and influence, some change for the better while others tend to go down the wrong path. Here are the top ten celebrities who have had shocking makeovers.

Miley Cyrus

From a lovable Disney star to an eccentric vixen. That about sums up the dramatic transformation of Miley Cyrus. She literally went from dressing like a Barbie doll to wearing hardly anything on stage, and she adapted one of the most perplexing habits – sticking her tongue out.

10 Wealthiest NBA Players Of All Time

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Considering that it takes a lot of skill to dominate in basketball, it’s only normal that most top NBA players receive hefty compensation for demonstrating their skills on the court. With several lucrative endorsement and modelling contracts combined with their entrepreneural activities, these 15 NBA players are definitely raking in the big bucks.

Michael Jordan – $1 Billion

Who else did you expect to top this list? It’s hard to mention NBA without Michael Jordan coming to mind. Jordan is definitely the wealthiest and probably the most famous NBA athlete in history. Although he’s no longer on the court, Jordan is still raking in huge endorsement deals. One of Jordan’s biggest source of wealth is Nike, which generates $2 billion in sales yearly due to his endorsement.

18 Times Kate Middleton Showed Us More Than She Should Have

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Kate Middleton is living every young girls dream – life as a princess. Kate has been praised for her excellent fashion sense, elegance, and forwardness, ever since she was seen on the arm of Prince William. However the Duchess of Cambridge isn’t always perfect in front of the camera. With thousands of photographers around her it’s only natural that some photos give us more to look at than others.

Here are 20 times that Kate Middleton showed us more than she should have:

In this picture, the now Duchess is showering herself on a yacht in a white swimsuit that vaguely reveals what her bikini top is covering. Okay, sure she was just a “commoner” like the rest of us at this point, but that doesn’t change the fact that this image gives us a lot more than we’ve seen from previous duchesses.

6 Actors Who Hate Being Associated With The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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When fan favorite Chris Evans, AKA Captain America, declared that he was rethinking his early retirement from acting because he loves being a part of the Marvel cinematic universe; everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Seriously, why would anyone not want to be a part of the most successful, popular, and overall fun film franchises? Well, believe it or not, there are more than a few actors who quite frankly hate being included in the Marvel cinematic universe.


Natalie’s character, Jane Foster, was an integral part of both Thor movies and many Marvel fans were absolutely in love with her. However, it’s reported that when Natalie’s preferred director, Patty Jenkins, was fired from the second Thor movie, Natalie wanted to end her relationship with Marvel right there and then. She was however contractually obligated to finish filming but we’ve noticed that she hasn’t even cameoed  in another Marvel movie since then.

20 Celebrities Who Have Committed Crimes


Celebrities. They’re just like us only richer!

Every human is bound to have some mishaps in their lives at some point and celebrities are no different. What differentiates us from them is the fact that they have the money to make most of their problems vanish. From illegal drug distribution and terrifying assaults, to DUIs and even attempted murder; it’s hard to believe or even remember that some of our favorite stars have been behind bars.

While most have managed to hide away their skeletons in their closets, others will always be at the end of hateful public scrutiny – living though the cold transition from famous to infamous. On this list we’re revealing the skeletons of 20 celebrities.

Mark Wahlberg

Doesn’t look like he could hurt a fly, does he? Well, the Boston police have over 20 reports involving this handsome fella.

Back in 1986 Mark Wahlberg went by the title Marky Mark, a clichéd bad boy from Boston. He was charge for attempted murder at 16 years old after attacking a Vietnamese man with a piece of wood and went on the very same day to attack another man from Vietnam leaving him permanently blind in one eye. For these two crimes he was sentenced to two years in prison but was released after spending only 45 days in Boston’s Deer Island House of Correction.

Mark had a number of other charges filed against him prior to his first conviction. At age 15 he had been assaulting African-American students and had charges filed against him. We can all agree that Mark has changed his bad boys ways (or so we hope) and is now one of the best action stars in Hollywood today.

15 Pics Of Taylor Swift Throughout The Years

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Curious as to what Taylor Swift looked like before all the glam and glitter? Well we’re going to walk you through Taylor’s transition from sweet country girl into one of the biggest pop stars of modern music.


She may look like the average elementary schooler but Taylor was already on her way to stardom, writing her own lyrics and singing at local festivals in rural Pennsylvania.  What’s impressive is her great fashion sense from such an early age. In this picture she’s dressed in a mock zip-up turtleneck which was undoubtedly a hit fashion of the 90s.